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Looking for your own shoe and accessory design, just for you? We’ve got you covered.

If you've ever wanted to make your shoes with your favourite movie character, or your favourite brands, from sizing, to fabric, to style, then please keep reading on. We have an easy 3 step process, which allows you to have your design delivered to your door. You can read all about it in this blog post written in 2020.

More and more customers are now turning to brands for customisable items. In today’s guide, you’ll learn just how easy it is to make your own shoes at the click of a button. Years ago, to make your own shoes would entail seeing a cobbler to perhaps fix your heel with better materials that wouldn’t break down so quick and having very limited choice! Here at NLC, we’ve simplified the process to just three simple steps: 

  • Choose shoe size and style
  • Choose your fabric
  • Get your Custom-Made Shoes, Handbag & Purse

Whether you love Dr Martens, Nike, Adidas, or the more minimalistic ASOS styles, we have a range of brands and styles available, which you can use as the base for your creations.


Lilo & Stitch Flats With Black Silk Laces

What Are Custom Shoes?

Custom shoes are that extra spice that you didn’t know your shoes needed. A custom shoe adds value over a regular product, where premium materials are used, like here at Northern Lights Customs! The finished product has an overall better quality and design.

I bet you can think of a time that you saw a pair of heels on the rack and thought, “If only they were a lighter shade of pink”, or, “If only they were sequinned and had my favourite movie character on them!” Sound familiar? This is exactly why I, Emma Bennett founded our business in 2015 – to create custom shoes with my sister, so that we could go out wearing their own designs, instead of the not-so-impressive designs on the shelves.

Make your own shoes with Northern Lights and you could design anything from Tim Burton Dr Martens, to a Cheshire Cat backpack, to Harry Potter Heels, to DC or Marvel Comics platforms, to Tinkerbell flats, to Gucci printed Nikes and many more! Northern Lights Customs is your one-stop destination to bring your idea to life and, what’s better, we’ll give any new idea a go. I guess you could call it our ‘Yes Policy!’


Dr Martens Boots Marvel DC Comics

Did You Know Custom Shoes Are Better for The Environment?

What if I told you that your new custom shoes from Northern Lights Customs would be a step toward a cleaner planet? Mind the pun!

It’s not surprising to know that consumerism destroys our planet, but when you make your own shoes via our three step custom shoes designer, you choose less energy loss and less waste in production, which leads to less pollution. This is because we use premium materials for your shoes and accessories and produce in small quantities. Our products are bespoke, tailor-made items that will be adored by our customers for years.

How many shoes do you think are thrown away by big supermarket chains and shopping outlets? I’ll give you a clue; It’s a lot! By keeping our designs specifically made with you in mind, we never encounter those issues.

To make your own shoes, means to pick your own products, as we let you pick exactly what you want, and then we produce it for you by hand! The creativity is in your hands, from fabrics, to laces, to gems and more.


Cheshire Cat Knee High Boot Heels, Chameleon Print Heels, Harry Potter Dr Martens, Custom Handbag


GET STARTED today and make your own shoes online from the comfort of your living room!


Choose Your Shoe Style & Size


Choose Your Fabric


Get Your Custom Made Shoes, Handbag & Purse


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