The Rise of Personalised Products

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The Rise of Personalised Products

Hello lovelies! Lockdown had me thinking that today's marketplace is so noisy and cluttered, making it challenging for both customers and retailers alike to differentiate themselves. In the midst of mass-produced products in retail shops, personalised products have emerged as a popular choice among shoppers. Of course, we love that!

Whether it’s Cheshire Cat Knee High Boots, Alice and Wonderland Ballet Flats or Harry Potter low tops we have anything and everything you could ever dream of!

Here at Northern Lights Customs, we allow you to make your own shoes, handbags, purses and even your own face masks (so that you don’t just wear yours for protection, but also with pride!)

What's driving the rise of personalised products?

Personalised products are said to lay the foundations in the ‘instant gratification’ economy...and to that, we say... “So, what!? We love custom heels!”

By providing an on-demand, customisable service, we have helped make, wait...THOUSANDS of our loyal customers happy with their own personalised gifts.

It’s kind of ironic to think that cabs are the very thing driving the rise of personalised products, isn’t it? I mean, you can get a taxi from Uber at the click of a button on your smartphone these days. No more waiting on the pavement in the rain for what felt like eternity!

So, why one earth should ordering your favourite heels, flats, ballerina shoes, boots, or anything else be any different? Nope, we don’t have an answer to that either. Northern Lights Customs is your one-stop-shop for customisation, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

25% of people (although we think this figure will grow rapidly very soon) are happy to pay that little teeny bit extra to receive a personalised product or service. Just look at how PERSONALISED CO. work their personalised protein and vitamin products... pretty cool, right?

What’s even better is that, as our products are tailor-made to you, we receive the best comments on our social media channels from Facebook reviews and shares on our posts, to likes and comments on Instagram, to even thousands of views on our tiktok. Have you seen the one where my daughter, Mia transforms a black handbag into a beautiful sketchy design? Clue: It’s pretty awesome.

I absolutely adore reading your reviews; it makes me proud to have founded Northern Lights Customs, and I still cannot quite believe that the little idea of mine all those years ago, to make some custom heels for my sister and I, has grown into a UK-wide brand!

Why Northern Lights Customs has an advantage when it comes to product personalisation...

Bet you knew this already, but...we enjoy a distinct advantage when it comes to product personalisation for one simple reason — people already see independent stores as being better equipped to create personalised items than large retailers. It’s inevitable, right? Even years ago, your local cobbler would have been ‘your guy’ to provide a speedy and reliable service for your shoes. This is because large numbers of people readily view personalisation as an independent shop service.

It's become obvious that consumers expect a higher degree of customer service at a retailer like us and come in seeking a different kind of experience than what can be found in outlets. It's common knowledge that we continue to over deliver on value through customer service and allow you to make you own shoes, handbags and purses down to every last detail.


Little Mermaid Converse

Getting ahead with personalisation

In today's super competitive market, Northern Lights Customs have an unexpected leg up on our competition when it comes to offering personalised products.

We are uniquely positioned to provide you with a unique and custom shopping experience with that "independent flair" that you guys all want!

Offering personalisation requires an investment to facilitate your design and making your customised products perfect and makes us stand out from our competition. We’re here to start that journey with you.

Personalised products are more than just a trend, they are a revolution and made with a lotta’ love that you just wouldn’t get off the shelves. There, I said it!!!


Harry Potter Doctor Martens and Cheshire Cat Boots

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